First time ever in US a Harvard trained Psychiatrist & Internist and former Harvard University Faculty Member Dr Rafay Mehdi & Dr Sean Li MD and PhD are putting together a unique methodology to help treat mental issues like Depression, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Phobias. Additionally we offer a unique brain training program based on over 20 years of experience of consulting over 100,000 medical consults in Boston and surrounding area. Some of our programs like DEPRESSION TREATMENT WITHOUT MEDICATION is covered by MOST insurances. 

We are introducing following Brain training programs:


1. Depression Treatment Without Medication

2. Developing Personal Brain Blue Print

3. Programming & Reprogramming Brain Blue Print

4. Coding & Decoding Brain Blue Print

5. Treat ADH Without Medications

6. Treat PTSD Without Medications

7. Treat ANXIETY Without Medications

8. Treat PHOBIAS Without Medications

9. Treat MEMORY PROBLEMS Without Medications

10. Treat RECALL Without Medications

11. Treat FOCUS  Without Medications

12. Treat ANGER Without Medications